More Info: Teacher Training

More Info: Teacher Training

What makes our training better than others?

This is important: our way of training is focused on active learning and the learner: YOU.
We call this way of training ‘performance based, learner oriented’. 

Learning is change. We provide explanation, practice, and feedback—this produces more effective results. It’s also more… fun! Most of the training activities require your participation and contribution.
That’s how we learn.

More Info: Teacher Training
More Info: Teacher Training

Telling isn’t teaching.

We find many Yoga teacher training programs to be focused on 1. content and 2. the trainer. Not focused on the learner at all!!!
In Hot Yoga Evolution, we strive to improve this poor situation by providing training where by being transformed, you are able to sustain application in daily teaching situations, teaching skillfully and naturally. Please take a moment to think about how important that is!

For new Teachers, our Hot Yoga and Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification Programs prepare and certify a core group of teachers to deliver professional Hot Yoga classes to any small or large Student-group worldwide.

For already certified Teachers, we offer personal support and opportunities for continued education.

Invest in your education with us, but make a point of investing in a richer inner life as well! The alternative is to inadvertently commit a teaching burn-out suicide.

Teaching mediocre yoga classes is easy, and it will negatively impact your personal development, your professional development – and your career!

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