Top 5 reasons why we keep the yoga room warm

1. To keep you free from injury (and make the exercises more satisfying!)

2. Promote sweating (enhances the ‘athletic’ experience)

3. Improve circulation and cardio-vascular fitness

4. Help with fat-burn (avg. 7 calories a minute)

5. Keep Beginners warm without Ujjayi breath (without building internal heat)

In the Hot Yoga Evolution-style, the room is kept warm in order to enhance the Hatha (‘forceful’) Yoga experience. The room should NOT be too hot, humidity must be considered, as well as air-flow and air-replacement (oxygen).

Many yoga rooms ARE too hot, and that’s actually bad news… In my classes, I would love to have something like 38 degrees with 50% humidity, some gentle air-flow when needed, and lots of air to breathe.

Prolonged overheating leads to heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and is dangerous to your health.

So please, take it easy on the heat crank lever. Your Students will be able to hold asana better and longer. For their safety and well-being, we must get some fresh air flowing through the room.