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Tomasz says

Being a dedicated Hot Yogi, it pains me to see that a lot of Hot Yoga today is over-heated, repetitive, loaded with stories of impatience, abuse and controversy.

I strongly feel that we can make many improvements to the way we teach, how we teach, and what we teach – when it comes to my beloved Hot Yoga.

So in 2007, I took the matters into my own hands. With a burning desire to set a good example for the Hot Yoga community, I created the Hot Yoga Evolution.

More About Us
Copyright-free, script-free and uniquely compassionate

Our Approach to Hot Yoga

The Hot Yoga Evolution has been created as an answer to the urgent need of our times. People want to ease the stiffness of the body, be empowered to follow their heart, and use the mind toward fulfillment of their full human potential. We are dedicated to helping people activate that potential in this lifetime.

Hot Yoga Evolution is an approach, not a method.

It is an approach to being, and a way of life. It is not a method, where a set of rules or dogma are to be followed by all in the same way. At the heart of our approach to teaching Yoga are such universal values as professional excellence, integrity and kindness.

We are copyright-free, script-free and uniquely compassionate in our approach to Students and Teachers.

Without the overheated rooms and attitudes, and without the low-quality, repetitive instruction – our approach allows for a deeper, and more satisfying Hot Yoga experience.

Our daily classes are very, very good.

The bottom line: we are inspired.

We strive to enable you to be inspired, too. Thus, you would be naturally able to inspire others.

Are you ready to become a better teacher?

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About Tomasz

Tomasz Goetel is an independent Hot Yoga teacher, studio owner, and expert Teacher Training facilitator.

With passion, intelligence and humor Tomasz Goetel is empowering the old and tired notions of what for years has stranded Hot Yogis inspiration in a ditch. With a fresh vision harnessed from an exceptional background as an experienced practitioner and teacher, he is pioneering a new era of Hot Yoga as it relates to student-experience, teacher-expression and teacher-business.

Students, teachers and studio owners from the entire spectrum of yoga will benefit by following Tomasz’s lead.

Tomasz has been his own teacher since early days. Aside from living and breathing Yoga, he enjoys learning to cook at home, play electric guitar, and understand his dogs better. When inspiration is needed, Tomasz looks up to Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, don Miguel Ruiz, G.I. Gurdjieff, Cesar Millan, and the ancient Persian poet, Rumi.

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