New teachers: check the shoulders!

For new, just-graduated Yoga teachers, or for those who have been teaching for a while, but somehow still end up being a bit nervous about the job – here are a few words that will help solve a common problem.

In daily life, when we find ourselves in a difficult situation mentally or emotionally, or if we are afraid, or angry – our body responds. And one thing that often happens: your shoulders go up.

In the Yoga room, when you are teaching class, you may be scared or excited, and the same thing happens, your shoulders go up. But as a Yoga teacher, you must be careful of this, and bring your shoulders down. If they stay up, you look scared, and it is also bad for your voice.

Try to keep your shoulders down. Don’t worry about trying to change your feelings or inner state, oor telling yourself to ‘relax’. Just bring your shoulders down.

I tell you to focus on the shoulders, rather than saying ‘relax’, because ‘relax’ doesn’t produce good teaching. As I often mention in my teacher training workshops, as teachers, we don’t want to be ‘relaxed’ – we want to be free and alive.

Good luck in your teaching!