About Us

About Us

To inspire Teachers to be inspired!

Why We Exist

Without the overheated rooms and attitudes, and without the low-quality, repetitive instruction - our approach allows for a safer, deeper and more satisfying Hot Yoga experience

Also, we get excited about helping other teachers solve their teaching problems.

Behind the business structure of our work lies our Company's and our true purpose: the union with the divine.

More About Us

Yoga Expert & Jolly Good Fellow

My name is Tomasz Goetel

I'm an independent Yoga teacher. I am an expert in Yoga teacher training and Yoga studio development. I design continued education programs for Yoga teachers. I also work as a coach, helping people experience harmony in their lives.

My other area of expertise is dog psychology, and I am a (retired!) professional gambler.

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Let’s Work Together

What we are good at

  • Yoga teacher training: development and partnerships. Level I / II / III:
    Hot Yoga | Hatha Yoga| Vinyasa (Flow) set-sequence | Private Yoga

  • Yoga Classes, workshops and special courses worldwide, for Students and Teachers
  • Personal support, mentoring and continued education for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Studio Owners
  • Yoga studio consulting and management. Sales, staff training, development, operations
  • Hot Yoga studio partnerships, modifying an existing Yoga studio into a Hot Yoga studio

Let's Talk!

Let’s Work Together

    1. The work we do is more than a job or profession. It is a calling, and a passion.
    2. Our clients are, or become, professional friends. They are as pleased to work with us as we are with them!
    3. We are totally committed to our clients’ best interest.
    4. We strive to provide greater value than our cost.
    5. We apply only the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in our work.
    6. We develop and support our students and clients in their personal and professional growth.
    7. Our desire is to build maximum client self-sufficiency, not consultant-dependency.
    8. We accept responsibility.
    9. We welcome challenges that allow us to stretch and expand our learning and our competencies.
    10. We treat commitments, promises, and professional relationships as sacred trusts.


Tomasz's Schedule

  • Beijing, China | May 5-11, 2014 | Hot Yoga Evolution week: classes and workshops | YIHE42 | More info
  • Singapore | May 23-25, 2014 | Hot Yoga Evolution weekend, Yoga Movement | Info 
  • Shanghai, China |  June 9-25, 2014 | Hot Yoga Teacher Training, Level I, 120 hours | y+ Yoga Center, Xintiandi | More Details
  • Phuket, Thailand | August 4-10, 2014 | Level II 'The Game Changers' Advanced Teaching Skills for all styles of Yoga, 50 hours | Website
  • Phuket, Thailand | August 12-18, 2014 | Warm Vinyasa / Flow Yoga Teacher Training, 50 hours | More info
  • Dubai, UAE | Part 1: September 13-25 | Part 2: November 8-20, 2014 | Hot Yoga Evolution Teacher Training, 200 hours, Level I | Piloga Center | Details
  • Beijing, China | October 6-31, 2014 | YIHE42 Hot Yoga Teacher Training, 200 hours, Level I | Contact Us
  • Phuket, Thailand | December 8-14, 2014 | Yoga Teacher Intensive, The Path to Excellence: 'Practice Teaching', 40 hours | More info
  • Beijing, China | March 9-15, 2015 | Warm Vinyasa / Flow Yoga Teacher Training, 50 hours | Contact Us
  • Beijing, China | April 1-29, 2015 | YIHE42 Hot Yoga Teacher Training, 200 hours, Level I | Contact Us

Teacher Training

Upcoming Programs

Level I Professional Teacher Training:

Deepen your practice & understanding of Yoga

Advance Your Practice
Develop Confidence
Find Your Voice
Learn to Teach

Hot Yoga Evolution: without the overheated rooms and attitudes, and without the low-quality, repetitive instruction - our method allows for a deeper and more satisfying Hot Yoga experience.

The sequence of over 35 exercises incorporates upper-body, core, hip-openers and guided meditation.

There is no scripted dialogue: you will feel great, speaking in your own language and voice! Your Students will be given plenty of space and time to improve their practice, and we will teach you to guide them with kindness and encouragement.

Who is this program for?

  • Yoga practitioners
  • Yoga teachers
  • Yoga studio owners

The Level I programs are for you, if you simply want to deepen your yoga practice, aspire to teach - or are already teaching.

What can I expect?

  • Performance-based, learner-oriented training methods
  • Lots of teaching practice in big and small groups
  • Daily you can expect two yoga practices, meditation
  • Active learning, group discussions
  • Anatomy, physiology, lifestyle, nutrition, business of Yoga


June 9-25, 2014

Hot Yoga, Level 1, 120 hours

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Part 1: September 13-25, 2014 | Part 2: November 8-20, 2014

Hot Yoga Evolution, Level 1, 200-hr Yoga Alliance Certification

More Details


October 6-31, 2014

YIHE42 Hot Yoga Teacher Training | Level 1, 200 hours Yoga Alliance | Details coming soon!

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Teacher Training

Advanced Training Programs for Yoga Teachers:


August 4-10, 2014

Advanced Teaching Skills: 'The Game Changers' | Level II, 50 hours CET

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August 12-18, 2014

Warm Vinyasa Teacher Training | 50 hours CET

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Teacher Training


December 8-14, 2014

The Path to Excellence: Practice Teaching Intensive | 40 hours CET

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Teacher Training


New to teaching? Learn a fun, new, exciting way of doing and teaching Hot Yoga!

Already teaching? Grow your skill set, gain new tools and technical knowledge – fully awaken and strengthen your teaching, your body, mind, and spirit!

Whether you are looking to take your practice to new heights, become a professional Yoga Teacher or simply have an amazing experience, we have the right training for you.

Personal Sessions

Support For Yoga Teachers

Book a personal support session with Tomasz, where you can discuss your teaching and business.

We can help you become the best teacher in town!

Reserve a session with Tomasz today. We also do sessions over Skype!

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Personal Sessions

More Info

  • More Info
  • More Info

FREE Learning

Webinars, videos, blog posts and more

New teachers: check the shoulders!

New teachers: check the shoulders!

For new, just-graduated Yoga teachers, or for those who have been teaching for a while, but somehow still end up being a bit nervous about the job – here are a few words that will help solve a common problem. In daily life, when we find ourselves in a difficult situation mentally or emotionally, or(…)

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Become a Better Teacher:

3-Part Webinar Series w/ Lucas Rockwood & Tomasz Goetel

Class #1: Find Your Unique Voice  As a Hot Yoga teacher, you probably started with a teaching ‘dialogue’ script. As you grow as a teacher, you’ll want to find and develop your own teaching voice—and it’s easier than you think. In this class, Tomasz will teach you practical tips for becoming a uniquely strong teacher.

Download Class#1 Notes Here

Class #2: How to Teach Beginners  Beginners are the lifeblood of any yoga studio and yoga class. 80-90% of your students at any time will be new students, so you need to learn how to make classes warm and welcoming, challenging and yet appropriate for those who have perhaps never done yoga before. Why? Because this is where you’ll find your most loyal and passionate students—your raving fans for life.

Download Class #2 Notes Here

Class #3: Creating “Sticky” Classes  A sticky class is one that students get addicted to: they come back often, tell their friends, and even skip out of work to join. Teaching a good class is great, teaching a sticky class is an art. Here we’ll talk about what makes a good class into a great class, and how you can move in that direction with your teaching.

Download Class #3 Notes Here

Read our Teacher's Blog to learn some good tricks! 



What Our People Say

My class numbers have grown!

My class numbers have grown!

Firstly, I think your Advanced TT has made a huge difference to my teaching in several ways.  Most importantly, I am enjoying teaching more than ever before, and yes, my class numbers have grown, too.  I must admit that it took awhile for me to implement all the different concepts and practices into my teaching but as time goes by, just being aware of them, has meant that they have slowly started to seep into what I do.  I also find that I am more “myself” and I allow my personality and style to shape how I teach.


A BIG thank you!

A BIG thank you!

A big thank you for such an amazing week. The course was really amazing and I feel I got so much from it on so many levels. The candle lit class on the final night was the highlight for me. Really special and emotional. I have come away from this week feeling like I have met some really wonderful people and have learned so much and feel more enriched and excited about my yoga practice and moving forward to my teacher training.

The UK

Professional, disciplined, respectful

Professional, disciplined, respectful

As a regular visitor to Phuket, one of the highlights of my trip is taking classes at Tomasz’s yoga studio! Tomasz and his teachers do a brilliant job of including all ages and levels of participants and their enthusiasm is infectious. Classes at Hot Yoga Evolution are like no other – professional, disciplined, respectful, challenging and also great fun! In the land of smiles, Hot Yoga will set you up to smile all day – just “Get to the Mat” as Tomasz will say and you’ll feel the buzz!

A Student

Opened our minds to new ideas

Opened our minds to new ideas

Tomasz is brilliant! Compassionate, experienced, friendly, funny, understanding, inspiring, calm, open-minded. He did not impose ideas on us, rather opened are minds to new ideas, new perspectives. He surprised me, and had more impact on me with every day. The process of the course was great. SUPER!


Interesting, challenging and rewarding

Interesting, challenging and rewarding

Tomasz, I am so pleased to have had the good fortune of benefiting from your hot yoga classes! You are a positive force in my life now, and I’m most grateful. I love the challenges and benefits felt by following your practice. Thank you for making the hot yoga experience so interesting, challenging and rewarding.


Changed so much the way I teach

Changed so much the way I teach

6 months after teacher training with you, now I digested. Learning with you changed so much the way I teach. I took more from you than other trainings that i had before. You’re the best. xxxxx


Some of Our Graduates

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